The House of Goossens, the “Parurier” of high fashion deeply rooted in a solid legacy, has endowed its own line with unique character. This couture jewelry is both spectacular and sculptural, addressing assertively feminine women who cultivate their differences and originality. 

When its Founder Mr. Robert Goossens met Gabrielle Chanel in 1953, she was immediately impressed by his craftsmanship inspired by the Ancient world, Byzantium and Egypt, and she immediately entrusted him with the role of official supplier for the house of Chanel.  As one of the greatest jewelers and goldsmiths in Paris, Robert Goossens created pieces in silver and gold-plated bronze, featuring semi-precious stones, quartz and cultured pearls for the French house. Today, it’s under the direction of Patrick Goossens, son of the Maison Goossens founder and has been one of the 11 ateliers of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art since 2005. 

I had the privilege to meet Mr. Robert Goossens for a very special workshop a few weeks ago. He explained the whole story of how his dad started the brand and he quickly joined the family business pushing the limits of creation with an unexpected mix of forms and materials, of both noble and rough materials. 

Then I could choose to create my very own special piece. I carefully picked a ring setting and after a long time to decide which stone to pick (it was obviously me being in a candy store), one of the artisans assembled it in front of me to create my one and only piece. 

Thanks a lot, Maison Goossens and Farfetch for that journey into an incredible Artisan and jeweler’s universe.

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